My name is Rick McCallum, and I have been a professional stuntman for over 25 years, and have been ghost hunting for about the same time.

I have tried hunting with several different people, and all of them either didn’t take it seriously, or they would be way too timid. You know the type, a little crouched over, walking like they have sore feet, ready to run at the first sign of a ghost.

I had just about given up hope until I was working on a movie at the Mansfield Prison in Ohio. It’s the prison they used in The Shawshank Redemption, and it has a long history of being haunted.

One night at about 3:00 in the morning, I was walking back from the farthest part of the prison with Kane Hodder, ( Jason Voorhies, Friday the 13th) ,who was one of the stars of the movie, and also the stunt coordinator, and was the reason I was working on the movie.

As we walked through the cell block, the only light coming in was through the windows, making it about as scary of a location as you could find, when a dark, man shaped shadow moved out in front of us at the far end of the cellblock about 50 yards away.

I turned to ask Kane if he saw the shadow man, and damned if he wasn’t gone! I’m thinking to myself “great, even the big scary Jason dude is afraid of ghosts”, so I turned back toward the shadowy figure, and what do I see? All 6’4, 235 pounds of Kane running at a full sprint TOWARDS the figure, which has now started to turn the corner of the cellblock.

I knew I couldn’t catch up to him as he was almost to the corner, so I turned and ran around the corner behind me, and was running full speed down the opposite side of the cellblock. I could barely make out a figure flying towards me, but as it got closer I could see it was Kane! We both stopped running when we met in the middle of the cellblock. “Son of a bitch! Where the hell did he go?” was all Kane said. "He didn’t pass me." I replied.

I knew right then I had finally found someone who was aggressive, and really into ghost hunting. I wondered if this was a one shot deal because we had stumbled onto the shadow figure, or was Kane REALLY into ghost hunting?

“Tomorrow night we come back and really hunt for that bastard.” he said...And I said “ I’m in!” So for the next several days we went through that prison cell by cell.

Did we find anything? Oh yeah, but that’s another story. What happened that first night at Mansfield Prison would be the beginning of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

~ Rick McCallum - Co-Founder